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Our Photographer Jackie & her "soul mutt" Dawson

Dawson the Golden Retriever is Jackie's  travel buddy, "soul mutt," muse, and best model

Our photographer Jackie Madara-Campbell and her "soul mutt" (and best model) Dawson. 

Pet photography with purpose

Both Jackie's  love of animals and her love of of photography started when she was just a kid.  Today these twin passions unite in her work as a pet photographer. 

"Pet photography with purpose" isn't just a catchphrase. Both personally and through Four Dogs Photography, Jackie devotes her talents and time to animal rescue. It's something she's done for many years. Just ask the four dogs for whom Four Dogs Photography is named. They all came to Jackie's family because of Jackie's animal rescue involvement.  

Photojournalistic style captures the story

Jackie's photojournalistic "follow the action" style enables her to capture your pets' "story" by capturing his or her personality. That special ability comes from Jackie's roots in television news. 

Decades ago, Jackie began a journalism career with a camera over her shoulder. Although she left the news business many years ago, she never put down the camera. 

The Four Dogs difference

When it comes to photographing animals of any kind - experience truly matters. Capturing animals requires not only a specific set of technical skills, it also requires experience with animal behavior.  

Jackie chose to concentrate her private work as a professional photographer on pet photography for many reasons - not the least of which is that she understands animals. 

Jackie understands how our pets behave and that each pet is an individual with his or her own personality. Although in that way they are much like us, they are also very different in the way they think and how they behave. That understanding -  gained by experience - is one of the things that sets Four Dogs Photography apart. Her knowledge and experience enables Jackie to photograph your pet in a way that captures his or her true nature and personality.

What to expect

When you book a personal professional pet photography session with Four Dogs Photography, Jackie will spend time getting to know you and your pet before she takes a single photograph of your pet. 

This is a crucial part of Jackie's artistic pet photography process. She gets to know each pet and their people parents so she can find out what makes each pet's personality special. That authentic knowledge, along with her years of experience with many kinds of animals - both domesticated and wild - helps Jackie capture your pet's individual personality in photographic art  for your family to treasure - always. 

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Meaningful Art


"Because our pets' precious lives are so short, in the complete picture of our lives, each is with us for such a short time. I think that makes the goal of my work - capturing their personalities and their spirits in photographic art - all the more meaningful. It's one of the reasons I truly love what I do."

- Jackie Madara-Campbell


Time Stands Still


 We make time stand still for you and your furry family members through the magic of our lenses. 

Contact Four Dogs Photography today to schedule a private session and your space with custom-made photographic artwork that freezes time and speaks to your heart. 

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